Everybody Plays the Fool

READ: Psalm 53
We live in a world that sometimes depicts anyone who believes in God as a fool, a naive simpleton who does not understand “science.” This psalm reminds us that the fool is the one who rejects God, and although for now evil may appear to triumph, “eating up God’s people like bread,” in the end God’s judgment will set all things straight.
However, we should not be too quick to assume that this psalm only applies to “them,” the people who claim atheism. A literal translation of the first verse could be “the fool has said in his heart, ‘no God.’” In other words, saying “no” to God is just as foolish as saying “there is no God.” Saying that we believe in God, but then not doing what He tells us to do, just doesn’t add up. All of us play the fool at some point; all of us say “no” to God in our hearts at some time. That is why salvation is needed; praise God that His salvation, His rescue of captive sinners, has come “out of Zion” through Jesus Christ!
Prayer Focus: Pray for Christians around the world who are persecuted by those who reject God. Then pray that those who do claim the name of Christ would be obedient to him in love. Say “yes” to God in your heart.


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