Just Follow

READ: Joshua 3:1-5

After years of wandering in the desert, sustained by the promise of the land of their very own, the Israelites stand at the edge of the Promised Land. It is right before them, but there is an obstacle standing in their way: the flooded Jordan River. They have no way to cross. Yet after days of praying, Joshua says to the people, “It is time to go. We are crossing that river. When you see the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord being carried into the river, you just follow it. The Lord is going to do something wonderful.” The people follow—and the waters part as they enter the Promised Land.

Joshua knew that the people’s greatest resource was the Lord. The Ark of the Covenant was a symbol of the presence of the Lord in their midst. All they needed to do to claim their Promised Land was to follow the Lord and walk in His ways. There are always obstacles in the way to our dreams, but our greatest resource is the Lord. Our God is the one who parts waters, calms the sea, raises people from the dead, and delivers people from their messes. Our God has power over life and death, heaven and hell. Don’t forget as your journey into this New Year that your greatest resource is the Lord. You just follow Him and He will show you wonderful things.



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